Jeff Clark is a Professional MMA Coach and Manager. Before he became involved in MMA, Jeff was a US champion in full contact Karate, Holding a 5th degree Black Belt, and a teacher in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu in which he holds a 3rd Degree Black Belt. He has competed in many Martials arts, Including, Kickboxing, BJJ, Submission Wrestling and MMA.

Jeff is one of the most respected Coaches and Managers in the sport. He was named by Fight Magazine as one of the “Top 20 most powerful people in MMA” as well as “Top movers and shakers in the Mixed Martial Arts world”. Besides being a noted MMA Coach, he manages the careers of numerous professional fighters signed to the top promotions, including the UFC.
For the last 4 years, Jeff went on to create a program for the U.S. NAVY Seals which has garnered him many awards and accolades.

Today, Jeff has partnered with the Harmon group, they brought him on as an equity partner with the goal of organizing and systematizing the way Martial arts are taught throughout their UFC franchise group. They will be opening over 15 gyms by the end of 2017

Jeff Clark


Mr. Lathigee has transactional and business development experience in Canada, China, and the United States. While still attending college, Mr. Lathigee created his first company: Student Rentals, in I989. Student Rentals was engaged in the business of importing container loads of appliances direct from the manufacturer in Korea and renting them to university students.
Years later, in 1998, Mr. Lathigee co-founded of Bargain Castle, a chain of ‘big box’ discount retail stores with more than l00 employees. From l999 to 2003 he served on the Board of Advisors for l-800 Got Junk. This company grew from a single outlet in Vancouver to an international franchise operation with hundreds of operators worldwide.
From 2000 to 2001 he served as Director of Olympic Resources, a TSX listed oil exploration company.

From 2000 to 2002 Mr. Lathigee served as Director of PCG Ventures an exchange listed venture capital group involved in the consolidation of dental practices. From 1999 to 2008 he served as Chairman and CEO of FIC Group of Companies. FIC became the largest investment club (to date) in Canada, with more than 5000 members and in excess of $100 million in assets under management.
He served for two years on the Board of the Vancouver Young Entrepreneur’s Organization — an influential business group with chapters in 55 countries. His study of business and economics in college began a lifelong love for the subjects. He has continued his personal studies and read widely and voraciously over the following decades, thus expanding his business knowledge. Mr. Lathigee eventually decided that others might benefit from his business experiences. Over the years he has developed as a dynamic speaker and educator who has spoken to hundreds of thousands of people — either “one on one” or from the stage to hundreds, and sometimes thousands, at a time.
Mike has also spent a considerable amount of time working within and analyzing opportunities in high yield investments. Mike has considerable knowledge and experience with two major online payday lenders, Mogo and New World Lenders. Both have created opportunities for steady returns for Mike and his investors.

In Mr. Lathigee’s personal life, his passion lies with an animal rescue foundation he founded and oversaw from 2004-2009. He was the Chairman of the United Animal Resource Foundation from 2005 to2008. The Foundation focused on the humane treatment, and sometimes rescue, of captive animals. Though he terminated the Foundation when he moved to Nevada, he looks forward to rebuilding a charity focused on the protection of animals. Since 2009, Mike Lathigee founded and oversees the Las Vegas Investment Club as principal operator and educator. Further details regarding the club can be found at as well as Mike’s blog at

On July 8, 2014 a panel of the British Columbia Securities Commission found that Mr. Lathigee engaged in a fraud by breaching section 57(b) of the British Columbia Securities Act, R.S.B.C 1996, c. 418. A copy of the decision can be found on the British Columbia Securities Commission’s website. Mike Lathigee has been fined but the fine is currently under appeal with the BC Court of Appeals. Mike Lathigee encourages all recipients to google him for more details on this or any other matter regarding Mike Lathigee before investing.

Mike Lathigee