The Fitness Investment Group (FIG) Project was started in December 2015.

Total Monies Invested by FIG Club Members: $2,010,000.00+

Gyms that FIG Club Members have Ownership/Options in: 13 Gyms

FIG Investment Opportunities Available to Current & New FIG Club Members: 4


Estimated FIG Member Payment Schedule: 

2016: monthly payments to investors are 6% APR.

2017: monthly payments to investors are 9% APR.

2018: we anticipate monthly payments to investors are 24% APR.

Fitness Investment Group has negotiated a $2500 management fee for our operational involvement for Crunch Oceanside, University, Downtown and Lakeside once the company starts selling membership.


FIG is currently looking at several other fitness gyms and trying to take equity for operational assistance. This is very good for investors who get to participate in a deal that did not require any of the investor funds. Most money managers would break the deals not requiring cash into a separate entity that investors would not participate because it did not require their cash. FIG holds itself to a much higher standard to represent investor interests.


Rule: Management does not participate in cashflow revenue until investors are fully repaid.


Check out each GYM Deal in deatail from FIG Gym Portfolio below.


UFC GYM – Carlsbad

3,400 Sq Ft Gym Carlsbad, CA 92008 FIG MEMBERS DEAL 100% Ownership. Currently netting as of October 2016 $5k per month and in the next 18 months we believe we will net [...]

UFC GYM – Oceanside

9,000 Sq Ft Gym Oceanside, CA 92054 FIG MEMBERS DEAL 100% ownership. Grand opening - October 2016. Break-even estimate by May 2017. [...]

UFC GYM – San Marcos

4,500 Sq Ft Gym San Marcos, CA 92078 FIG MEMBERS DEAL 30% ownership and 50% equity participation. No money involved as we were taken in for management experience and given a large [...]